The Benefits of Creative Arts in Education

With such a heavy focus put on core academic subjects over recent years, the education system is letting things like art and music fall by the wayside. This combined with a steadily decreasing level of funding for creative arts means that fewer children in the US and around the world are granted access to the type of creative process that drives progress and inspires success. Here we take a look at some of the key reasons why creative arts are vital to education.

Idea generation

The children that fill schools all around the world today are the thinkers and creators of tomorrow. This means that if we hope to progress all areas and industries within modern society, we need to help raise a generation of people that can look forward and generate ideas that will make positive change. Subjects like art and painting help to cultivate a natural sense of creativity that will allow the innovators of the future to create concepts that will change the world.


Health and fitness

Health issues and lacking fitness is a growing problem in today’s youth, with an increasing number of children suffering from various problems. These issues are often related to excess weight and lack of exercise. Active subjects like drama and dance allow children to express themselves while staying active. This is particularly beneficial for children who don’t naturally gravitate towards sports.


Creative analysis

While subjects like art and drama help to inspire creativity, they can also improve focus and increase the cognitive abilities needed for academic study. The practice of researching methods, applying them to work and then reflecting that work through in-depth analysis and comparison is an essential procedure that can be applied to all areas of study.


Communication skills

Learning how to communicate with others and make new friends is an essential part of growing up, especially during the early stages of education. Interactive activities such as drama and creative subjects like art help to develop the important aspects of self-expression and interaction that are vital to personal and professional success in society.



The academic and social benefits of creative subjects are profound but one of the most important things to cultivate within children is happiness. Unfortunately, this is something that is often overlooked in the scramble to improve grades and progress academically. Art and music are powerful sources of happiness and can help children keep a sense of optimism and open-mindedness that will help them in all areas of life.


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