Eia Hawaii Fund and Nascent Vek announce plans for exciting new interactive festival in 2020

Honolulu, Hawai‘i – July 30, 2018 ( – After announcing their new collaboration together, Eia Hawaii Fund and Nascent Vek are pleased to announce their plans to launch a brand-new annual interactive festival, with the first festival set for July 2020 in Honolulu.

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Eia Hawaii Fund Teams Up With Consulting Firm Nascent Vek

​​Non-profit Eia Hawaii Fund (EHF) is thrilled to announce their new partnership with international consultant firm Nascent Vek.

Established to fund programs that encourage preservation and elevation of Ecology, Culture, Arts, and Education in Hawaii, Eia Hawaii Fund is a nonprofit organization that works with people with the same principles as they do in order to form positive partnerships.

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Tips for Living a Greener Lifestyle

Over the last two decades, the rising concerns regarding global warming and pollution have led many people to alter their routines and look for ways to live a greener lifestyle. Although it may seem like fighting a rising tide, there are things that everyone can do to help their local and global environment.

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The Benefits of Creative Arts in Education

With such a heavy focus put on core academic subjects over recent years, the education system is letting things like art and music fall by the wayside. This combined with a steadily decreasing level of funding for creative arts means that fewer children in the US and around the world are granted access to the type of creative process that drives progress and inspires success. Here we take a look at some of the key reasons why creative arts are vital to education.

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Take Urgent Action – The Marine Debris Removal Statewide Bill

Urgent Community Action Required to save the Marine Debris Removal Statewide Bill.

Eia Hawaii Fund is joining the effort led by partner, Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawai‘i, in the fight against Marine Debris.

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Eia Hawaii Fund unveils beneficiary partners as part of our Hawaiian Culture & Arts and Preserving our ʻĀina Initiatives

February 1, 2018, Honolulu, HI – The first non-profit partners that are set to benefit from the support of an exciting new funding non-profit, Eia Hawaii Fund, based in the paradise of Hawaiʻi have been unveiled. Operating across four distinct pillars, Eia Hawaii Fund (EHF) has revealed which Hawaiian Culture and Arts and Preserving our ʻĀina partnerships will be the first it champions.

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How plastic pollution is affecting the waters of Hawaiʻi

The islands of Hawaiʻi are renowned worldwide for being a paradise of natural beauty and offering some of the most breathtaking scenic views in the world. However, you may be unaware that over the past few decades, the beautiful Hawaiian Islands have fallen victim to excessive plastic pollution which has caused serious problems for wildlife and poses a detrimental threat to the future of the local eco-system. Here we take a look at what has caused this and what can be done to help.

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New Hawai‘i Based Focused Initiative Launches to Connect Non-Profit Organizations with Essential Resources

January 17 2018, Honolulu, HI – Non-profit organizations based in the paradise of Hawai‘i have a new tool at their disposal to help further their aims thanks to the launch of the Eia Hawaii Fund (EHF). The beautiful haven of Hawai‘i is steeped in history, culture, and stunning vistas. However, many non-profit groups struggle to access the essential resources they need to preserve and elevate the aspects that make Hawai‘i a unique global destination and community but that’s about to change.

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How important are the early stages of learning?

The first steps into the world of learning are some of the most important years of a child’s life. It is during this time that they develop the essential skills and abilities that will help them progress and succeed in later stages of their lives. Countless research studies have proven that the first five years of a child’s life will have a profound effect on their ability to learn and interact with the world. This post will look at the important areas of child development and how they can impact cognitive and social improvement.

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