Fundraising to make a difference for Hawai‘i in partnership with the community.

Eia Hawaii Fund has the potential and desire to help amazing nonprofits that are vital to the local communities in the State of Hawai‘i.

By combining our energy, resources and efforts with the incredible work performed every day by our nonprofit partners, we have the opportunity to create a better future for the next generation.

Our aim is to advance the cause for early childhood education, arts, culture, and the preservation of Hawai‘i’s heritage and the environment, through fundraising and global development activities and partnerships with key local nonprofits. We believe this will allow us the joint opportunity to positively impact Hawai‘i and its future generations.

Our Initiatives

Empowering our Keiki

Empowering our Keiki Initiative

Advancing the cause for Education. Launching and enhancing new and ongoing programs throughout the State in Early Childhood Education, Literacy and Hawaiian Language.

Hawai‘i's Culture and Arts

Hawaiʻi’s Culture and Arts Initiative

Strengthening, Preserving and Perpetuating Hawaiian Culture and Arts initiatives while raising awareness of their importance to life in Hawaiʻi.

Hawaiian Heritage

Hawaiian Heritage Initiative

Restoring, Promoting and Revitalizing Hawaiian landmarks and historical sites for ourselves and future generations.

Preserving our ‘Āina

Preserving our ‘Āina Initiative

Environmental Stewardship: Preserving, Educating, and Restoring Hawaiʻi’s ecosystem and biodiversity.

Support Us

Help us advance the cause for key initiatives in Hawai‘i

Are you ready for two whole days of family-friendly fun, frolics and festivities? The Eia Hawai‘i Festival is just what you’ve been waiting for, created to celebrate Hawaiian history, culture and tradition and reminding visitors of the amazing landmarks, talent and acts that reside in our stunning state.


Our unique, immersive non-profit festival aims to raise over $1m for the Eia Hawaii Fund. This money will be put to good use, investing in local education, arts and culture, heritage and environmental protection, with the intention of creating a brighter future for the next generation.


So, join us in Honolulu in the Summer of 2020 for an experience you will never forget!

Some of our Programs

Keiki Summer Program

3-week summer “Steps to Kindergarten” program to prepare children for the transition to kindergarten with the goal of exciting children about education and increasing their receptivity to school from the first day and beyond.

Holly J. Stevenson Arts Grants

Eia Hawaii Fund supports artists in Hawaii working in the fields of music, theater, and the visual arts. With a specific focus on native Hawaiians and women, in recognition that their work is still under-represented in mainstream culture. Eia Hawaii Fund will provide both direct awards to artists and grants to arts organizations for their support of artists.

Historical Site Preservation

Preservation effort aimed at historic buildings, cultural objects, and communities and sites integral to the history of Hawaiʻi and at risk of deterioration, while promoting these landmarks for their cultural and architectural significance to the Hawaiian land and cityscapes. With over 90 historical sites still listed as “Endangered Historical Places,” Hawai’i is at great risk of losing substantial elements of its history.

Coastal & Oceanic Education Program

Educating the public on marine debris and other pressing environmental issues. The program will deliver educational presentations to schools, community groups, businesses and organizations around Hawai‘i that bring to light the effects of rubbish on our marine environment and motivate communities to work on simple solutions to address it.


From our Non Profit Partners

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