Board of Directors

Currently Eia Hawaii Fund’s board of directors is composed of 3 individuals with a cumulative total of 75 years experience in nonprofits, finance and marketing. The sole purpose of this initial 3 members board is to successfully launch the nonprofit organization. Eia Hawaii Fund aims at increasing its board of directors to 9 positions, to be filled at 75% by Hawaii based residents as of 2019. At least one director position will be reserved to one of our nonprofit partners.


New appointments to the Board of Directors are expected in Early 2019.

Operational Management

Nascent Vek Consulting Group is a executive member of the board of director with no voting power. Since 2015, Nascent Vek Consulting has been instrumental in providing the startup capital for Eia Hawaii Fund and facilitating the creation on our nonprofit corporation. Nascent Vek Consulting Group acts as the Vice President of Operations for Eia Hawaii Fund, pending the nomination of the new 9 member Board of Directors.

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