Eia Hawaii Fund Teams Up With Consulting Firm Nascent Vek

​​Non-profit Eia Hawaii Fund (EHF) is thrilled to announce their new partnership with international consultant firm Nascent Vek.

Established to fund programs that encourage preservation and elevation of Ecology, Culture, Arts, and Education in Hawaii, Eia Hawaii Fund is a nonprofit organization that works with people with the same principles as they do in order to form positive partnerships.

Eia Hawaii Fund - Press Release

By teaming up with Nascent Vek, Eia Hawaii Fund (EHF) aims to extend scope and funding sources in order to finance a wide variety of educational, cultural, heritage and art programs in the state of Hawaii.

The 5-year partnership is one that has the goal of raising a further $4M over 3 years in order to fund innovative and life-changing projects over a wide variety of sectors.

EHF will use to use the money raised to fund projects such as Early Childhood Education, Culture and Arts School programs and Environmental stewardship programs with the sole aim of benefiting communities in Hawaii.

Nascent Vek has had a role in several tourism developments in Hawaii projects over the last six years, which helped them to develop a strong desire to give something back.

The company has also developed and implemented the proven production model across Europe, successfully promoting regional culture, heritage and arts, allowing them to offer skills and resources that EHF doesn’t have.

President of Eia Hawaii Fund Louise K. Davies said: “In order to succeed as a new non-profit, it is important that we make sure we have the right team on board.”. “We wanted to work with Nascent Vek as we believe that they will help us to achieve our goals by bringing skills to the table that we don’t have. We can tell them our vision, and their expertise coupled with the skills we have can help us to achieve it – our collaboration was always a no-brainer for us at Eia Hawaii Fund.”

Both EHF and Nascent Vek are currently working on plans for a large scale event to be held in Honolulu that will not only raise money for the organization but bring jobs, tourism and a platform for businesses in Honolulu.

Managing Director of Nascent Vek Michael S. Darcy said: “This collaboration will allow EHF to focus on identifying and developing key programs within the community, whilst Nascent Vek will allocate all of the necessary resources to generate and secure revenue streams.” “By having these revenue streams in place, EHF will be able to deliver on the promise that they have made to the people of Hawaii.”


Eia Hawaii Fund aims to be the premier funding resource for programs actively engaged in the preservation and elevation of Hawaiian ecology, culture, and society. Built on a foundation of trust in the unique and inherent value of Hawai‘i, from our world-famous natural wonders and landscapes to our vibrant culture, steeped in history and ritual, We have a holistic vision of what it means for Hawai‘i to thrive.
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Nascent Vek operates closely with its affiliates and international network, to provide a vertically-integrated consultancy to the business/corporate, hospitality, leisure, and tourism development industries. Our Executive team has over 80 years of cumulative experience within the Hotel, Resort, Theme Parks, Tourism Development, Finance, HR/Management and Marketing industries; ranging from some of the largest industry players.
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