Eia Hawaii Fund’s funding strategy is based on a two phased development plan that aims for the organization to be primarily self funded (70%) after three years in operation.

Development Steps

During Eia Hawaii Fund’s first development phase, the nonprofit will focus its resources and funds on working in partnership with preselected registered nonprofit organizations based in Hawai‘i in developing, expanding and improving their own ongoing programs. This strategy will allow Eia Hawaii Fund to gain first-hand knowledge and experience in key specific public oriented programs. During the 2nd phase, Eia Hawaii Fund will launch its own programs while involving our nonprofits partners while autofinancing most of its initiatives and programs

Fundraising Sources

Eia Hawaii Fund will not seek any funding from Local, State, or Federal programs. As noted in our mission statement, it is imperative that we do not divert public money to fund our initiatives. Our festival strategy will guarantee the sustainability of our programs and services dedicated to the people of Hawai‘i.

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Eia Hawai‘i Festival


Are you ready for two whole days of family-friendly fun, frolics and festivities? The Eia Hawai‘i Festival is just what you’ve been waiting for, created to celebrate Hawaiian history, culture and tradition and reminding visitors of the amazing landmarks, talent and acts that reside in our stunning state.


Our unique, immersive non-profit festival aims to raise over $1m for the Eia Hawaii Fund. This money will be put to good use, investing in local education, arts and culture, heritage and environmental protection, with the intention of creating a brighter future for the next generation.


So, join us in Honolulu in the Summer of 2019 for an experience you will never forget!

Commitments to Donors and Partners

Programs Funding

As part of our commitment to donors, the public and our partners all the funds raised will be allocated to the funding of our initiatives. The nonprofit operating costs will be funded by our online store and the sale of merchandising. Nascent Vek will fund any extra operational expenses not covered by the direct sale’s revenue.


Federal, State and Local Compliance.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, Eia Hawaii Fund’s activities will comply with all relevant government regulations governing non-profit corporations.


All reports and financial disclosures will be available to the public as part of our transparency policy and in compliance with laws governing charities. All service providers/contractors’ costs will be publicly disclosed and EHF will release its financial reports in their entirety in accordance with State and Federal regulations.


Press Releases, Newsletter, Social Media.
We will regularly publish all its latest news on our initiatives, programs and partners. Either via Press Releases, Quartlerly Newsletters and Social Media Campaigns, our website will also feature all information about what Eia Hawaii Fund and our partners do and have achieved.


Yearly Report on Initiatives.

You will receive a yearly report on what your donations and others have allowed us to achieve, detailing how your donation was used and the impact generated. The Corporate Annual Report will also include all the company financial reports and projections.

Donate Now

It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference. Donate as little as $10.