Hawaiian Heritage Initiative

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Current Programs

Preservation effort aimed at historic buildings, cultural objects, and communities and sites integral to the history of Hawaiʻi and at risk of deterioration, while promoting these landmarks for their cultural and architectural significance to the Hawaiian land and cityscapes. With over 90 historical sites still listed as “Endangered Historical Places,” Hawai’i is at great risk of losing substantial elements of its history.
Indigenous-centered program using distinctly Hawaiian approaches and knowledge systems to address the challenges facing our island’s ecosystem. Hawaiʻi provides a history of integrated land/sea/culture relationships via land use and management within the notion of Ahupua’a. As part of our Hawaii’s Heritage initiative, EHF will support Hawaiian communities in incorporating Hawaiian place-based knowledge for site conservation, working to rebuild and maintain the relationships tying Hawaiians to any given site.
Conservation efforts for vital Hawaiian and Pacific collections will be launched to inspire discovery and deliver educational offerings. EHF will spearhead care efforts for various Museums’ permanent collections of historical, natural and cultural treasures, with the aim of protecting them for future generations and using them for best-in-class exhibitions and educational programs for the community.

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