Hawaiʻi’s Culture and Arts Initiative

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In partnership with Mana Maoli, Mana Mele Collective and the Institute for Native Pacific Education and Culture


Current Programs

Cultural program in collaboration with schools to create outdoor classrooms, creating access to an effective learning opportunity for Keiki. By blending cultural and academic learning lessons together in an outdoor environment, the classes foster a greater sense of connection to our ʻĀina. This cultural based instruction allows our Keiki to build relationships and engage in relevant learning and narrowing of the educational-culture gap.
Partnership building initiative pairing professional artists and innovative, positive musicians with young people to amplify creativity and artistic understanding. With graduates earning a high school diploma through music and multimedia while demonstrating college and career readiness, business savvy and strong cultural grounding, in accordance with State Educational standards and requirements.
Eia Hawaii Fund supports Hawaiian artists working in the fields of music, theater, and the visual arts. Our focus is on native Hawaiians and women, in recognition that their work is still under-represented in mainstream culture. Eia Hawaii Fund will provide both direct awards to artists and grants to arts organizations for their support of artists.

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